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Drag and Drop Planning

iPlaniShare’s exclusive Planning Drawer Opens in your Day View.  You have the option to add categories and tasks or appointments that you schedule often. The Planning Drawer lets you switch between Project Tasks, ToDos and your Routine Schedule items and quickly Drag and Drop them to plan them in your day!


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Sharing with Permissions

Collaborating with your Friends, Family and Co-Workers is key to successfully coordinating your Day, Week or Month.  You can Connect to other iPlaniShare users. The app will first look in your contacts to see if any have registered their iPlaniShare app by e-mail address used.  If there’s a connection, it will appear in the list.  You can then set permissions as to what they can see.  If they don’t have the planner, you can easily invite them to get it via the same screen by clicking on the e-mail icon

Shared ToDos and Lists

Imagine you and your partner are both working.  Who’s going to go grocery shopping after work to get what’s needed for tonight’s meal?  In Lists you can create a List with shared Tasks or Items.  You will see who got which items and what remains.  Never buy the same thing twice again!

All Aspects of Your Life

iPlaniShare not only has unique powerful daily planning tools, but covers all aspects of your life.  Budgeting and Money Ledgers, Monthly and Weekly Goal setting with Milestones and Rewards, Exercise, Recipes and Meal Planning, Project Management and down to the nitty gritty, Cleaning!


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